Femme mature en train de fumer

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Une nouvelle vidéo de webcam qui fera plaisir aux fétichistes des femmes qui fument : cette femme mature est en train de fumer devant sa webcam. La charmante cougar allume clope sur clope.


66kaliber says:

I was with her 2 years and she need to smoke between sex 2 or 3 cigarettes, she is wery hot in bed. Sometimes she smoke two tings in bed one smole and one bigger.

Dan Graves says:

I understand what it’s like knowing arrogent bitches, but it’s sexy when they have that confidence, but the line is drawn when it’s because they don’t care if or who they hurt or how. This girl is perfectly hot, and i fantasise about a girl smoking like her everywhere anytime especially if it’s a family holiday or visit with my folks, her smoking in a conversation with my family like this gets me off i always imagine it. I love it it pleases me.

raad2627485 says:

yes or yas or yas

MsLithiumBaby says:

Now she i doing anal scenes for lipo and a boob job. Oh yeah she’s also an « escort ».

bono404ify says:

Take a look at the hot girls on str8videos(dot)com

akujiki0X says:

She is fucking bitch. I know her and needs to be punched in the head. My ugliest girl was better looking then her

mikeboxdim says:

parece que a mulher ta tendo um orgasmo enquanto fuma!!!! hot!! hot!! hot!!

tonecot89 says:

lol, I went to high school with this girl. Her real name is Jen (won’t give last name). She went to Roxbury High School!

sexykatie90 says:

nice add me as a friend k

MsLithiumBaby says:

@pizzaisyummy86 HAHA! I actually know this girl. She’s not even hot. I don’t know how she got all the gigs she’s done but I’m pretty sure it involved sucking a lot of dick to where she wants to go!

mylordflasheart says:


VS120sfan says:

Sad, fake smoking.

sexykatie90 says:

sexykatie90 any more videos like this? Jocelyn Jade Smoking

msella80 says:

What is it? Smokeless tobacco? The girl is very attractive and she smokes in a very sexy way. But the cigarette doesn’t help at all. The exhales are too weak.

dannyhood66 says:

This ones not bad..!aH  »Questions need to go away..,’Interupts the fetish » let her do her thing? But at least i haven’t seen this video before..Good job though dude,’ thanks for posting!!

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